Nov 27 2018

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The visitors are also encouraged that an or to try other live on-site. There is also a special show from 31 March until October 21, 2012 in the Neanderthal Museum also. “She is devoted to the monkeys, because she wears the title as people see monkeys” excursion Tip No. 3: the pile dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen Lake Constance here have in the summer open cinema of the stone age and the stone age course for families every day. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gary Kelly. Also, stone age man Uhldi, for example, shows how to make fire and cooks. There are also the Archae-X days of experimental archaeology end of July / beginning of August.

“” The special exhibition at this museum bears the name the heritage of the Neolithics fascination world heritage “and thus points to the title of world heritage by the UNESCO in the year 2011 for the prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps” there. Who wants to drive through the Republic to the individual events not across, can take a trip to the stone from the local computer. The stone age encyclopedia of H AGE is a good starting point for this, because it informs comprehensive about extinct animals like the mammoth, Smilodon, woolly rhinoceros, or Riesenfaultier. Here you can learn much about the life of our ancestors in the stone age and during the ice ages. More information here: hinter-den-kulissen/lexikon-der-fachbegriffe/steinzeit-lexikon.html contact: H AGE bushel Street 52B 04722 Leipzig phone: 0170 5249451 email: Homepage: is the site of the first historical learning collectible card game. The prototype of the game was presented at the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, Germany. Parallel to the search for a potential investor efforts be promoted currently, to build up different areas of knowledge. News in the category”looks around the response in the online world and examines current events and news.

The range of topics is wide and mainly focused what could be interested in the trading card game player. Of course, much to the topic of the Home Edition – turns the stone age. But also the games and learning news or current Problems are discussed. In the area behind the scenes”is entered on the scientific background of the game. How does learning? What are the benefits of serious games? Special attention put the H AGE editorial on the presentation of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

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