Jul 12 2020

Theatre Voice

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We will simply have to say stiff. 10. Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: sit at the table sitting at the table. or next to the table. In this case the logic prevails; unless we sit down on the table. 11. Mark Zuckerberg spoke with conviction. Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: taboos taboos bamboos bamboos when a noun ends in vowel pronounced (with the exception of the E), form the plural in is, so: rubies, taboos, bamboos, etc. Exceptions: moms, parents, sofas.

12. Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: I saw your sister going to the University. When she was coming to him he observed the child lying in the hammock. which was lying in cages for parrots of iron sold. Iron for parrots cages. Portfolios are sold for plastic girls. plastic briefcases for girls.

We dog steel mosquito nets. steel mosquito meshes. They brought chairs for students from four feet. four-legged chairs for… I bought candy for the kids that are exquisite. sweets that are exquisite for.They prepared poisons against mice, which mice. The Poisons were very prepared very potent poisons the previous sentences are incorrect because your messages are ambiguous or confusing. When this happens, it must be written differently prayer to achieve necessary coherence, clarity and correctness. 13 Incorrect expressions: correct expressions: Several rivers spilled yesterday in this region. overflowed be installed two new roads in this province. they will build the factory cause much prejudice to the flora and fauna of the place. prejudice to transo it. he stole in these sentences make mistakes of property, by ignorance of the meaning or the form of words. 14 Expressions incorrect: correct expressions: access access accesit Prize aereonautica Aeronautics Airport Airport meteorological Weather Meteorologist aerio air metereologo ataul ataud avaro avaro carnet carne damaged danmificado dentifrice toothpaste diabetes diabetes He said be it say it difference difference plug plug espatillado, despatillado despatarrado espurgar groom estabanos, ibanos, venianos, we were, we were going, we were futile futile haiga has huigo, huiga, huigamos fled, flee, we escape iendo going inaurar inaugurate inaugurate inaugurate inauracion inauguration weather weathering degree the Bachelor of stepmother, stepfather stepmother, stepfather mendigo beggar interval interval mester mester metamorphosis metamorphosis miniestra stew up and down up down looked at around looked around quister cyst towel vayemos towel go panel panel plesbicito Nobel Prize Nobel Prize plebiscite pristine pristine real rial subtle subtle touch touch tiatro Theatre parquiar parking, parking, parking we want we want (present subjunctive), want (future, indicative) 15. Glass of water, chewing gum box, Matchbox, gallon of milk these expressions are correct because the language figured allows us to express through the preposition DE, which the receptacle containing a substance is full of it and not made it. When we use the preposition with, fall into the imprecision of express container does not necessarily have to be filled with material that contains. Note that different nuance in these two sentences: give me a glass of water. Give me a glass of water. 16 Afonico and disfonico is not the same. With the first expression is given to understand that the person cannot speak, which has temporary loss of voice; the second, who have disorders or problems with the voice that speaks with difficulty. Let’s look at these definitions: Afonico: Adj Falto voice or sound. Hoarseness: f. lack of voice. Disfonico: adj. That presents difficulty or anomaly of the voice or sound. Dysphonia: f. qualitative or quantitative disorder of the phonation for organic or functional reasons.

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