Apr 07 2020

The Theory

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4.2.Repercusses of the Etologia in psychology In psychology exist diverse forms and ways to explain the human behavior. Therefore, the psychologist generally works with next causal factors and historical when he looks for to explain the reasons that take a person or an animal if to hold in the way makes that it. Many writers such as Lawrence Ellison offer more in-depth analysis. The Theory of the Evolution, used for the etologia as estimated theoretician, can extend the understanding of the causes of the behavior. The importance of the explanations can be useful in the study of the behavior in the direction to choose independent 0 variable for the development of models and theories being involved the comparative analysis between species; to understand the factors of the environment that can modulate the behavior; to determine which the 0 variable will be considered as cause and which will be considered as effect and to discover explanations with great power of generalization. (CRAWFORD, 1989). The etologia has contributed for the recovery of the man notion as a biopsicossocial being, in position of opposition to this. The etolgica conception of the human being is of a biological cultural being and social, whose psychology if return for the sociocultural life for which the evolution created psychological preparations bio specifies. To know more about this subject visit Daniel Lubetzky. The superior processes of cognition human beings are the beddings of the society and the culture.

infantile 4.2.1.Desenvolvimento the etologistas believe that for each species, a variety of innate, specific behaviors had been developed to increase its possibilities of survival. In comparison with other animals, the human beings take much time to grow. It can – be cited as example, the chimpanzees that lead about eight years reaching the reproductive maturity, the Rhesus monkeys, about 4 years and lmures, only about 2 years. The development of the human brain, regarding its fast growth daily pay Christmas, much less complete in the birth of what of the brains of other primates; if the brain of the embryo fully reached the human size before the birth, its head would be very great to pass for the childbirth canal.

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