May 24 2019

The Same

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Favours, beautiful Marlia, Thanks to my Star! ANALYSIS estrofes is constituted of ten verses, having been the decasslabos initial oitos and the two last refres hexasslabos, that is, with six metric syllables. You rhyme them are alternated and opposing (ABABCDDC). This is a poetry where the I-lyric one emphasizes the loving feeling and that such feeling is associated with the image of Marlia to the one of a star. With this the poet tries to pass with much clarity and balance its poetry, placing as ' ' cloth of fundo' ' , the nature and the buclico feeling. In first estrofe, the I-lyric one if places as shepherd and at the same time &#039 leaves clearly that it cannot be confused with any cattle tender; ' That alive to keep other people’s cattle; /of coarse trado, expressions coarse ' '. the I-lyric one affirms to be a shepherd vain person and that to give to much importance for the goods substances ' ' I have proper couple ' ' that can very support &#039 well; ' wine, vegetable, fruit, oil.

' '. Thus &#039 is a supplied shepherd; ' well of vida' ' not a simple cattle tender who takes care of of other people’s cattle, affirming to have its proper flock and that therefore it deserves the love of Marilia. Of this form it meets presence of the bucolismo, standing out nature. In second estrofe I-lyric exalta its superiority and still admires its semblante for being older than Marlia, and then the presence of arcdicos elements is noticed in this estrofe as, shepherds, cajado, source and others. Already in third estrofe the I-lyric one asks for Marlia in marriage, therefore it has as to support it, detaching that its corporeal properties are very important, but not in such a way how much its love for it, is notable a little of romantismo in the verse ' ' However, gentile Shepherd, your affability/valley more than a flock and more than one trono' '. .

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