Aug 26 2020

The Relationship

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What do I mean by that?. Usually this feature is seen when the sisters are girls and is OK to do so (which reduced take sister to the mayor as an example). But what is wrong is that sister no only try to imitate it, but that wants it directly copy, most of the times even unconsciously. Whereupon, already had a very close relationship sisters relationship that I call her dog tail. When this is viewed in very girls maybe don’t bring consequences, but as they grow up and become adults, this already demonstrates a lack of obvious personality and maturity. This type of girl that already ceased to be a girl and that she is now a woman, and even with a family composed, will tend to imitate the older sister, buying the same clothes that is, going to or wanting to go to the same gym continuously (still living very distant from one another), seeing that the mayor with his sons to do exactly the same with yours makes, etc., etc., etc. And this lack of maturity would haul what result?.

Because sister is wanting to copy most want to be living this life and not his own. And every one of us, be a woman or a man, you must live his own life and not get into the life of another, nor to be copied or harm it; because God made us independent so that we develop our own live. So far they are understanding the concept that in this occasion I’m transmitting; I first started with an exceptional example such as the twins, then develop the relationship of sisters of little difference of age, whose cases are now as much, but then I’m going to show how what happened in both cases exemplified, multiplied exponentially directly between the relations of people in general. But before continuing with this concept, let’s go back to the two previous cases and see that it produces this behavior (trying to copy to the brother and join the decisions it takes, most often in unconscious way): that behavior which I quote in the previous paragraph, is none other than conformism, the say: the other (for the reason that it is) is better than me and therefore I can not aspire to more.

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