Apr 20 2020

The Program

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They know the main names of ‘ ‘ assessores’ ‘ of it and ‘ ‘ caridade’ ‘ that it makes next to slum quarter, distributing basic baskets, remedies, butijo of gas others ‘ ‘ servios’ ‘. The professor heard without recriminating the opinion of the group, but he mentioned the risks that involve the way of the drugs and the advantages of being one ‘ ‘ citizen of bem’ ‘ . Later he came back to question the group, of this time, on its ideals and its dreams. For this question, they had not hesitated in answering therefore already were same ‘ ‘ aquecidos’ ‘ with the previous question. one more time, the answers surprise: One of the boys, whom more simplicity presented and a shy look, answered: My bigger dream, fess, it is to work booked to buy a fugo the gas pra my mother.

The others they had laughed, but a certain respect for the desire of the colleague was perceived. Some dream of cellular, tennis, Internet. One of the boys in a jeering tone said: ‘ ‘ Mine it is to know ‘ ‘ Beira’ ‘ to enter pras boca’ ‘ The professor made an intervention he said: ‘ ‘ Staff, I you in a serious way, on this question of the dreams, the goal of vocs’ ‘. The boys made many tricks and azaraes. But in way to everything this, perceived the real desire for the Cellular one, tennis, Internet Carioca, currently imprisoned Dealer. Already he passed for prisons of some states.

Exactly imprisoned, in accordance with the policy, continues leading the traffic in some Carioca slum quarters. 4 booked: Used expression to mention itself to the work with wallet signed for employer. FINAL CONSIDERAES In this work the main objective was to observe and to describe with the look of ‘ ‘ estranhamento’ ‘ the envolvement and the interaction of the participant adolescents of the Program FUTURE PEOPLE. The Program, that for me, it was only one name and if it summarized in plus a professionalizing course, it started to have voice, action, practical and emotion. In this comment, I could to make greater approach with the participants of project to perceive quo strong they are the symbologies, dreams and codes that of certain form, unify group. Since the dream of the new tennis, the cellular one to the booked work with fixed wage. At some moments I was touched myself with simple phrases, said in trick tone, but that they camouflaged a estonteante sincerity; modest dreams, but that for that group they seem so distant and many unattachable times. Ahead of this work, I arrived the conclusion that the dreams latent of are differentiated forms. I think that any person who had observed the group, she would perceive as the dream and its concretion, many times, the simplest chance can be intrinsically on. Chance this, that nor it always is disponibilizada for a society that charges norms, behaviors and standards of behavior. It is perceived, that everything what these adolescents need, he is of, I repeat one more time, chance.

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