Jun 18 2020

The Presence

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The measure that grows if comes across with phenomena, facts and objects of the world; they ask, they congregate information, they organize explanations and they risk answers; basic changes in its way occur to conceive the nature and the culture. Baby clothes contributes greatly to this topic. In the first years of life, the contact with the world allows the child to construct to practical knowledge on its entorno, related to its capacity to perceive the object existence, beings, forms, colors, sounds, odors, to put into motion themselves in the spaces and to manipulate objects. To try to express and to communicate its desires and emotions, being attributed the first significaes for the elements of the world and carrying through more coordinate and intentional actions each time, in constant interaction with other people with who shares new knowledge. To the side of diverse conquests, the children initiate the recognition of certain regularidades of the social and natural phenomena and identify contexts in which they occur. Costumam to repeat an action some times to always evidence if of it drift to the same consequence. Innumerable times place and remove objects of different sizes and forms in full buckets d water, evidencing intrigued, for example, that those that sink and those exist that float. They observe, at other moments, the presence of the moon in nights of good time and make interesting questions when they locate in the sky during the day. Moved for the interest and the curiosity and collated with the diverse offered answers pro adult, other children and/or for information sources, as books, the news and news articles of radio and TV etc., the children can know the world by means of the physical, affective and mental activity, constructing to subjective and individual explanations for the different phenomena and events. When lesser they will be the children, plus its representations and slight knowledge on the world are associates directly to concrete objects of the reality known, observed, felt and lived deeply.

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