Apr 24 2019

The Nomade Tale

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THE nomad (short story) the man had no peace. He lived through world for years. Its stained poncho, red and black, was unique wrap in winter and his single bed in summer nights, when the dream was to open. It was the spoils of a fight that killed one parishioner and .from that moment, started together – a permanent flight. Accompanied by his dark horse, a cuatrerismo product. Very patient pet who alerted about dangerous presences. At those times the neigh of teammate gave notice and Rudecindo Achaval (Nomad), with the speed of lightning, pulled the facon inherited from his father, who had given him as a child:-for his defence he said, mandate given very firmly. Rudecindo is your home was almost adolescent.

It had not tolerated the field work, to which his father took him daily to help him. He was always very rebellious. All situations dangerous that it faced, on two occasions the death showed him the edge of his Scythe, but both times, luck was on his side. Having been close to a village, in a case, and the incidental passage of a muleteer in the other, saved him. However, the second match was with one of his legs hardened and the other very marked by as many received cuts.

The man was rude, quarrelsome, too fast in his anger, there his well earned bully reputation. He had several deaths in his credit. Women forbid their children stay close to him and men, dodged his encounter. If it came to the bar of the village parishioners apuraban swallow and, slowly, were withdrawing. The gaucho noticed the disbanding that it produced and was inwardly glad. It felt good when I saw the fear in the faces of others. One stormy night, where the refucilos were the only light in the village, saw the silhouette of a House far away.

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