Jun 30 2019

The Nearest

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Whenever it appears in average some of these chilling news, the indignant answer of the majority usually is similar, but to weigh quite remote of the reality and the social needs that, after all, it is what we required and what would have to matter to us. I have often heard expressions of the style: this never would happen to me! Or: How it is possible that the mother no one would find out! Or in another sense, expressions of the type: To this it is necessary to cut itself! Or also: locks up that it in the jail and it never leaves more! All these expressions are very comprehensible, but I cannot avoid to think that to all it is to us easier to think when we are behind the barrier and the problem at issue does not affect to us of a direct way. When a person has lived circumstances limit can pass this and many other things to him. And unfortunately the surroundings (and all we are the surroundings of many people) not always react suitably. In those cases it is possible that nobody finds out the happened thing, and to it we must add the high probability to him that the own minor is the one who tries to hide it whatever the cost. In my case it was thus.

The majority of the abuses is perpetrated in the nearest surroundings of the minor, more than half within the own family, and most habitual it is than it discovers it to nobody. Also it is truth that before were information nor no resources. It is not that now we go exceeded, but at least already exist routes of it escapes, of prevention, denunciation and protection. Although it is a reality that the abuser acts almost always with absolute impunity and not very often it is shortage, it is not it less than other times, in spite of the suspicions more or less founded, the surroundings return the view towards another side.

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