Jul 09 2021

The Mayor

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He was that god rescues in them, all chemical preparation pra party went to be difficult to cancel. When somebody falou__ because it does not call the scythe? they ___quem is scythe? the president of the CBD said. ___ local teams. the mayor answered .mais does not find good idea. Solar Winds has firm opinions on the matter. the scythe can earn is not there well. __Oque vocs to earn? I doubt. it searchs this scythe soon.

__Te the good one, I go to search the teams. When high the fantes of the stadium had announced that Uruguay did not come more was a vaia alone. All prepared pra to go even so when it was announced that Brazil would play against the scythe. There it is that he was one catches pra to capar, ingressions had been all vendidos in instants. Who did not obtain to enter made oque can, went up in houses, trees, building.

All wanted to see the game. The mayor congregated the teams and said. they ___peguem has led, this is a game, a game party .procurem not to make goal tabom. It looked at pra me and said is; better you jogar.assim are not balanced. I was in the bank and perneta entered in my place. Woollen I saw one sujeitinho of legs pies to warp everybody. to each new dribbles the people cried out my name. It was when one negrinho caught the ball ribou everybody chapelou the two zagueiros and made a kettle goal. That was humilhao the stadium if it was silent and all had looked at pra me. The mayor lowered the head I waved perneta pro and said __sai that I go to enter. The mayor said that if I never entered I I would play of new in the scythe. More I had to enter that age humilhao .o negrinho I finish to make a goal of bunda.

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