Aug 05 2020

The Internet

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Moreover, the fact of not to be possible the invocation of the population must in general be considered also. The vaccination had beginning in 8 of March and if it drew out up to 21 of May of 2010, having been carried through in five stages, in a total of eleven weeks of work. (BRAZIL, 2010) the goal of vaccination of the Health department was sufficiently bold, efficient and with sufficiently clear criteria, as we can evidence to follow: The vaccine covering to be reached is equal or bigger 80%, in all the cities of Brazil, for the following with priority groups: children of 6 months the minors of 2 years, gestantes and adults of 20 the 39 years of age.

Them too much groups to be vacinados, will be folloied the absolute number of vacinadas people not it vaccine covering. (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 13) 2,3 alarmistas Rumors on the vaccine the reactions registered to the epidemic had been alarmistas, as much in relation to the vaccine how much in relation to the proper illness. Explaining better: it had a great circulation of rumors, many anonymous times, circulating of mouth in mouth and for the Internet, with the objective to scare the population. One of the electronic messages that circulate anonymously in the Internet affirmed that the vaccine possua, in its components, substances capable to provoke problems since autismo in the children until problems in the human imunolgico system. Moreover, these messages, that do not restrict e-mails but they also involve videos disponibilizados in the called site ‘ ‘’ ‘ , they suggest a plot, that is, a scaffolding between health authorities and the proprietors of pharmaceutical laboratories manufacturers of the vaccine.

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