Oct 14 2021

The Disgnostic

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These thoughts pass anticipatedly for the head of the person to the interaction social, during, or after the same one. The intermediate beliefs, that are rules and assumptions of person can be of the type: ' ' if I to tremble, all go perceber' ' , ' ' if I to make a question I go to find that I am burro' '. The projects or beliefs central offices are varied and can include ' ' I am chato' ' , ' ' I am vulnervel' ' , ' ' I am burro' ' , ' ' I am inadequado' '. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sheryl Sandberg has to say. He exists a certain relation between social anxiety generalized and upheaval of evitativa personality. Beyond the symptoms to be well similar, still has citizens with both the disgnostic, a still more serious case. The evitativo upheaval of personality must ' ' to be considered as a more intense variation of social phobia generalizada' ' (RANG, 2001, P. 184). Whereas in the social phobia the individual suffers, therefore it does not obtain to interact socially, in the evitativo upheaval of personality, the person does not have interest in social interactions.

The prevalence of the social phobia is very common in such a way in men how much in women (BARLOW, 1999) and its beginning is pointed with respect to the adolescence, being more rare to observe from the 25 years (RANG, 2001). Remembering that these individuals show shy since children and develop negative beliefs and projects since early. It is important to stand out that a series of co-morbidades can appear together with this diagnosis. Amongst the upheavals of Axle I, the generalized anxiety are most competing with the social phobia, others are depression, followed of agoraphobia, simple phobia and panic. Already in relation to Axle II, we can cite the evitativo upheaval of personality and the obsessive-compulsory upheaval of personality (RANG, 2001).

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