Oct 13 2019

The Competition

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SENA is committed to the modernization of educational, leading companies to increase competitiveness from the skills of their workers. So the new curricula based on work skills to help comply with the policies that exist within the sector roundtables.Its purpose is to train competent workers who are able to meet the demands of the productive sectors of the country, quality, relevance, efficiency and adaptability to changes and innovations of technical, technological, National and World Wide . So the National Agricultural Center La Salada have delegated responsibility for updating the training programs offered at all Centers of SENA, to meet the training needs of businesses of Drinking Water and Sanitation, following the guidelines established by SENA in the development of curriculum design for Skills Development. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The purpose of this Course Design guidelines is to provide technical, technological and training for all teachers of the specialty, to address the process of the Comprehensive Vocational students, with unified criteria, enabling the acquisition of raised labor competition in the different training modules. New York Workers belonging to the basic sanitation sector involved in the making, transportation, storage, sample processing, production process management and disposal of waste generated during the development of functions to work as technicians, laboratory assistants analysis of natural waters, drinking, waste, packaged, and process for recreational uses, agriculture and livestock. This design contains each of the units of occupational competence with normative components, technical processes, technology and training, plot development, training time, learning units, each with its respective table of knowledge, results learning, training procedure, means, materials and equipment and the evaluation of teaching and learning activities, and instructor profile.

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