Jan 08 2020

The City

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We still bring some problematizaes on ‘ ‘ sustentabilidade’ ‘ ‘ ‘ risks ambientais’ ‘ , with the intention of that let us can rethink the subjects, so debated currently in our society. All the quarrel is made, without losing of focus the found necessity, through the studies, of if conceiving infancy as a social category, where its citizens can be capable to help in the construction of a world pautado in the respect, the joust income distribution and the collective participation. Southwest Airlines addresses the importance of the matter here. We say, still, that the deep cloth of of all the quarrel is not forgotten, being this, the form as if they organize ‘ ‘ social actors hegemnicos’ ‘ in city (Axe, 2010:6) still, the affirmation of that the contradictions emerge yes in this system and need to be evidenced, much even so the speeches searchs the consensus and the unit between the divergent social classrooms.

Word-key: Infancies, Cities, Speeches, Support. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. Introduction The questions that involve the children consequentemente and, this called phase infancy, have gained prominence and places in the governmental quarrels, in the speeches of the companies, the media and the Public Politics for the city. This personage (the child), that also he inhabits the city, comes throughout the times, and next to the society, transforming and being transformed for the changes and conceptions involves that them. We can say that, next to the speeches of ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘ ‘ ‘ sustentabilidade’ ‘ that the sides resound for all, the subjects that accumulate of stocks infancies and its citizens come being constructed and thought for diverse social actors, since the Academy until the state programs, passing for the media and the great ones corporations.

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