Sep 30 2019

The Citizens

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We can say that the Study of Case it is a proposal, for a group of one determined real problem or fictitious in it saw to place a diagnosis, to consider the solutions and to deduce the applicable rules or principles for the similar cases. Additional information is available at Virgin Airlines. We approach the production of mental maps that pupils externaram its perception and had registered, through the drawings, its construction of its point of view ahead of the ambient questions. You may want to visit Sir Richard Branson to increase your knowledge. Based in the methodology of Matotti (1997), through 02 referenciais of symbolic language: appearance (drawing/mental maps) and verbal: (description of the drawings/elaborated mental maps and created by the citizens, detailing during the explanation of the point of view of these in relation the representation made during the development of the collective text. Aiming at interpretation of the presented mental maps better, the citizens are about the externao of the perception of each citizen of this research, registered in figures in the selected samples the representations of the occured ambient questions, that are of the knowledge of the pupils, through the drawings presented for these during the developed activities. The author explains despite the drawing symbolically represents its reality or creativity/fancy. To draw is to copy so as well as the Real, to make the model certinho, these they are made from the comments of the concepts/verbal and descutivas, similar what this soon, does not have creativity imagination to transform or to modify.

The drawing is only the configuration of what you see. The drawing is an examined copy of the way, that is not the intention of this research, therefore looks in the mental maps the registers represented here by the drawings. In this source she is necessary to differentiate: drawing (imagination and creativity) to identify figures and not to understand its meaning, lacks perception, then we have only drawing, map mental (necessities human beings), this related to cognitivo, has base in symbols, in representations that if becomes mentally present and if it materializes through the drawings, that the perception of the citizens represents (pupils) as it is that these are reacting the reality that lives, when we make for example one asks they, if could register its mental map, is the kept information that are externadas through the drawings.

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