Nov 20 2018

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There is a shopping cart, with drinks included, within one optics. To be more precise this inside a supermarket, which has its own optics. It is chain Tesco (in England) which in addition to sell optical products on-line also makes it in its this string already has 131 outlets in England and plans to open another 20 this year. As you can see on their website they can propose glasses to 10 pounds. What do? To start there to analyze things and confined them to their extent.In some countries such as France or Sweden of market studies show that you between 5 and 10% of the population would be willing to buy your eyeglasses or contact lenses worn by internet. The percentage is even higher in regards to solutions for solar glasses and contact lenses.We are talking about a maximum of 10%, the rest of clients still preferring to go to their optical.In my opinion, that 10% are those customers looking to bid and the price lower, is a free electron that will never be faithful to no particular optic. Therefore with the arrival of such offers, will be a customer lost for all those that have been positioned in a trading strategy based on price and that must compete with these sites as aggressive. For my who will leave better standing against these policies of price (both on-line as in traditional commerce) shall be: 1.-optical to continue proposing an individualized and unique, that sell quality products and service to carry out a true visual health care.

They will suffer less the onslaught of this new power. Current will be unstoppable and that from my point of view, it puts it to anyone who wants to follow it or to imitate it. 2. The customization and differentiation of your products and services, see the article custom glasses 3.-look back and learn from the past. Analyze the result of a policy of low prices in markets where already occurred previously, as an example you can read my article about how the market sank Japanese optical 4.- but above all fight and defend your professionalism and enhance your work, as it was the case with our Italian colleagues: article or of our Scottish colleagues.

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