Jul 21 2019

Technion Apnea

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According to the CEO of SLP, Noam fairy, was a combination of providing a quality product and be on the crest of the wave. For SLP, that wave was sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious medical disorder that affects 4% of men and 2% of women. It is characterized by a repeated reduction or complete obstruction of airflow during sleep due to the collapse of the pharyngeal route of air, causing loud snoring, brief Awakenings, hypoxemia, and elevated blood pressure. Sleep apnea is relatively unknown, having been diagnosed so far only close in 15% of patients. But according to fairies, sleep centers have proliferated by all United States in recent years while the syndrome has become known.

There is now much more awareness of the sleep apnea. Read more here: Verizon Communications. It is a completely different game. It used to be a specialized small market, is now a capital medical sector more than 2 trillion dollars around the world, he stated Fairy to ISRAEL21c. When used to say people 10 years ago who worked in the dream, they laughed at me. Now it begins to understand. The implication of fairies in the diagnosis of sleep disorder started in connection with the prestigious Center Technion disorder of the sleep beyond by 1992. Sleep sensors are our product license are cables connected to sleep monitoring systems. When you go to a sleep disorder clinic, and they put sensors all over his body, most of them use our sensors, said Hadas.

He described how Professor Peretz Lavie of the Technion, renowned expert of dream and one of the pioneers of the diagnosis of sleep apnea approached you there in 1992 to collaborate. The Technion sensors were originally developed for internal use. But they discovered that there was a market for them to cause sleep clinics. Professor Peretz wine had a small r & d company and me He asked help to develop more types of sensors, said Hadas.

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