Mar 09 2020

Team Of Health Professionals

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The CAPS possess multiprofessional team – composed for psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse aid, social, therapeutic assistants occupational, administrative – and offer diverse therapeutical activities: individual or group psycotherapy, therapeutical workshops, psychiatric accompaniment, visits domiciliary, activities of orientation and communitarian inclusion of the families and activities. The therapeutical necessities of each user and projects, understanding the modalities of attendance cited and the times of permanence in the service, are determined for the team, in contact with the families also, and equally the changes in this project according to evolutions of each user. We observe when entering in contact with the institution that even so the services were given with efficiency the wait for the attendance many times were long, in this period the people did not play no activity beyond an informal colloquy or the reading of a magazine. With a reasonable ample period of wait we perceive that this time could be optimized when ulitizado to offer to playful activities as painting in such a way, artesanato and colloquies directed for the patients how much for its familiar ones.

This type of activity provides the chance to enter in contact with the creativity of each participant. This work had as objective to occupy the open assembly time of the patients and its familiar ones with playful activities that provided the chance of a moment of interaction between them with the excessively using ones of the service. To develop activities as painting, directed confection of cards, colloquies they had been used to optimize the time of the wait. This project was carried through so that we pupils could learn through the accomplishment of these activities the importance in if keeping a space of communication with the patients and its familiar ones so that they feel the will in the institution who are inserted. (Not to be confused with Daniel Lubetzky!). The institution also was benefited obtaining of this form to improve the moment of the wait as a moment also of learning and relaxation..

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