Jun 12 2019

Taster Arber

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Fascination experience biathlon in the Hohenzollern Stadium on the Grosser Arber Bayerisch Eisenstein (tvo). Stars such as Tobias Angerer and Uschi Disl have the hang of it: only take their pulse in the trail to 180, then they prove a steady hand on the shooting range. Biathlon is a challenge, but can be tried by anyone and learned. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. In the Hohenzollern Stadium on the Grosser Arber in the Bavarian Forest Schneider events from rain (Bavarian Forest 2010 tourism award winners) offers Taster courses and biathlon workshop under professional guidance. For families, groups, clubs and firms, individual biathlon events are organized upon request. Beginners experience the fascination of the sport for several hours Taster courses and are thereby assigned by experienced teachers, particularly in dealing with the biathlon rifle.

At the shooting range, the participants can then test their marksmanship. The one – or two-day workshops also include a technique training in the running to be optimized, as well as a complex training with alternating running and shooting. Who It wants to know after such workouts, search for the best a few like-minded people and participates in the sportiest network event of in Germany in February: the companies biathlon on the Grosser Arber attracts every year colleagues, associations and meeting teams from afar district in the Bavarian Forest. If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. Information on the biathlon courses at the Grosser Arber: Schneider events, ash road 7 c, 94209 rain, Tel. 09921/9021-0, fax 09921/9021-2

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