Aug 16 2017

Take Samuel Weigelts

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How to you knowledge that, for which I am educated three years? Accordingly ahnungs – motivationslos the most Existengrunder approach to their accounting and share this aversion with numerous SME, craftsmen, doctors, lawyers customers whom Samuel Weigelt diminishes this burden. Whether the clients directly from Lunen come or not, it does not matter: my sphere extends in a radius of about 50 km around Lunen. And also the sectors from which my client, depict a wide range from a mobile hairdresser Studio to the marketing professional. Perfect service for Lunen and within 50 km This Samuel Weigelt uses the advantages of modern technology: “much of what is in the daily accounting, can be by E-Mail, fax and telephone do. This starts when booking ongoing business transactions and includes also business reporting, cost calculations and calculations, accounts receivable management, balance sheet accounting, controlling and the subsequent analysis of the prepared figures.

To my customers must not come to me after Lunen. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information. What does not mean that the Office Management Service shines through impersonality. That the opposite is the case, get many entrepreneurs from Lunen and environment. Take Samuel Weigelts services already claim, before the subject of accounting is acute: “I see myself as an expert not only in terms of accounting, but also as a founding Companion. Therefore, I create also professional business plans, take care of the billing and reminders and give tips on time management. Customer references in the Internet speak for No wonder, then, that already convinced many customers from Lunen and environment by Samuel Weigelt and its services are: authentic references of people, can be found on his blog that the OMS a very large load has decreased with the acquisition of accounting & co.. Samuel Weigel recorded his activities as: by taking off my clients of the bookkeeping and other tasks, I will get you more time freedom for their actual core. And thus a significant competitive advantage. V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Samuel Weigelt OMS Office Management Service Ulmenstrasse 45 44534 Lunen telephone: (0 23 06) 7000-80 fax: (0 23 06) 7000-42 E-Mail: info(at) World Wide Web: YouTube: boilerplate: Samuel Weigelt, Chamber of Commerce certified accountant, offers with its office management service competent and discreet relief relating to financial accounting to for business start-ups, Young entrepreneurs, SME, self-employed and freelancers. Geographically it covers a radius of 50 km around the location of Lunen.

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