May 04 2019

Professor Paez

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These agreements, without fear of mistakes, are those who produce large deviations between the duty being and being. Motivated to these realities the new elected authorities must by means of an effective (effective and efficient) attitudinal change guarantee an excellent academic management, that endorsement of the formation of professionals of high quality, having a market value in this global village. These new local university authorities, in addition to endorsing the repetitive achievement of academic excellence (assertiveness), have inescapable duty to ensure the autonomy of the centres of learning, as well as also applying a process of re-engineering or redesign of all the existing systems in your internal environment, starting with the process of recruitment, selection and employment of that institution’s: teaching, students, administrative staff and workers; in the which should prevail the ideas and concepts of the management tool of the Topgrading, i.e. getting the best. Ripple brings even more insight to the discussion. Only type A people! This would bring as consequence that people who enter to UC’s quality and human quality is precisely that guarantees the quality of products, goods and services.

Very valid that Professor Paez exposes when refers, another aspect that the new authorities should improve substantially is the institutional projection of UC in their geographic catchment area. The human talent that the University, it is in the best position to assume their leading role in problem solving and project management of improvements through innovation and creativity, not only of those needs arising in the public sector, but also in private. Many of these spaces that should be occupied by the maximum House of studies of the center of the country, have been invaded by universities, technological public and private, not only of this federal entity, but from other latitudes. This loss of leadership, is also a consequence of policy decisions. Since long we have referrals through publications, seminars on the topic of education, how the University of Carabobo has seriously neglected its leadership in the region and has not taken advantage of the market enclosing this, allowing that private institutions which have seriously harmed the academic quality needed to face the great challenges that occur in the present will have proliferated in order to satisfy the demand of some races.