Apr 10 2019

You Know The Tarot Of Da Vinci

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Article provided by esoteric portal Leonardo Da Vinci tarot is a special deck designed based on the works of the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It is not a type of special Tarot, is only an adaptation of the major arcana and the minor arcana and is not designed by Leonardo, if not based on his works. In addition, any deck that he had designed, or anything like that is known today. Although your taste is known for practices related to the occult. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gary Kelly . Da Vinci as well as author of major works such as La Monalisa, or the last supper, was a great teacher that much had to do with the occult movement and the symbolism of that era. These cards are recommended to all those who have a great approach to the artist, with these illustrations are more comfortable and let flow your energy better. It should be noted that Leonardo introduced elements with esoteric loads in all his works. So this esoteric aspect has captured with great mastery in the Tarot cards. Arcana elders were created in 1992 by Iassen Ghiuselev and 10 years later Atanas Atanasov made the 56 remaining cards.