Apr 06 2014

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More and more companies recognize the importance that is attached to the social media for the own image of the employer and the attractiveness of the company as an employer corporate image in the mirror of social media. Even if the company does not actively uses social media, it is represented by the postings of employees and customers as discussed in social media. Learn what to look for. A successful project, fun outing, nice conversations with the new colleague to be been overlooked but also trouble with the head of Department, frustration at the transport, lack of appreciation of the heads of all of which are topics that was discussed has always been fond and frequently. People spend much of their lives in the workplace. Work items, work climate, colleagues and supervisors provide constant new material for discussions and the exchange of opinions and views. About events and well-being at the workplace has been since always been spoken.

So far penetrated only rarely something like this in Direction of Chief or even the public. The employer image in social media in times of social media gains a new dimension this communication needs: these experiences are discussed not only with friends and family, but publicly disseminated. Via Facebook, Twitter and kununu is now eagerly reported on positive as well as negative experiences in the workplace. Each company comes in this way inevitably in the public conversation. To stay out of the social media and let things run their course, is sure little purposeful. The reputation of the company at customers, business partners, creditors, applicants and other stakeholders is at stake. Because by the public opinions as posts, comments or tweeds of employees all establishments, part of content in social media are already whether they want to or not. Employee feedback seriously, how big is the communication needs of employees, shows the platform kununu: have more than 114,000 Staff from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland there written about their experiences in about 48,000 companies.