Jan 25 2016

Participatory Management

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The ambitious up stairs high and dangerous and never worry about how to lose; the desire to upload aborted in the fear of the fall. Thomas Adams, who have managed to grow, identify with the needs demanded by consumers, and which have also proved to be highly competitive, have excellent organizational behavior, successful companies are characterized by having a participatory management, aspect unfortunately not developed many Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs. What is the cause of this? What has prevented give way to a good participatory management manifests? Why management has been identified with the role, scope that generate participative management?, are some questions that must be answered so that the managers of the present time are identified with the benefits that bequeathed this type of professional practice. Since long time ago, for he has been commenting on the relevance of this type of management, so we have the work of William Anthony on Eastern theme (participatory management), which has become a classic that should be reread and find the intense unity that exists with most modern authors who have re-levantado participatory management. William P. Anthony writes about it, that participatory management is the process by which involves workers in decision-making belonged exclusively to the heads. This is to the experience and creativity of workers to find avenues to demonstrate and improve management.

This involvement is not only the hands, but of the mind, provided that it complies with the condition that participation must be in important decision-making. The authority is not lost: it is shared and brings with it responsibility of those who are now a part of the authority. Participatory management is not a discovery of our time, but not always existed some of it. Since the industrial revolution emphasis was in the direction of the employees, as if they had no knowledge. He was only interested in use and direct the hands of the worker.