Jun 13 2019

German EU Member States Constitution

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Stimulates NationalPartei: Herman van Rompuy enforces human rights for German Germany with their provisional basic law is resolved. Seven German EU Member States Constitution are made. All seven German States have no EU external border. The international DZiG German civil society needed Bundeswehr nor border policemen to maintain world’s German language, German customs and German culture. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. 1 this is a possible scenario by the EU dictatorship in Brussels, to solve the financial problems of the hopeless bankrupt Germany. Herman van Rompuy can beat back the Bilderbergers as vicarious agents on this way of a currency reform prepared since summer 2009 to the German mark. How the euro deported the financial disaster of the public sector for ten years, so is also a currency reform in 1948 only a tamper with symptoms, but no solid solution to economic problems.

2 3, human rights are the key lever to lift Germany out of its hinges and to resolve. On this Comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of March 4, 2010, on page 11 to understand are background. \”The policy must prevail on important issues also went against the majority of the population. Examples: Introduction of the euro and of the NATO double decision. \”Merkel warned politicians to justify decisions with the help of demo sensor. Pollsters should make no policy.

In fact, eleven of the sixteen German Federal States have less than 5 million inhabitants. You are not economically strong enough to play a significant role as members of the European Union. But the sixteen federal States put together, as already proposed on February 5th, 2010 on 4, going seven strong countries come with 8 to 18 million inhabitants. Twelve EU members have less than 8 million inhabitants. Of the 27 Member States of the EU more than 18 million have residents of Germany of apart only six.

May 20 2019

Ron Hubbard Solutions

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L. Ron Hubbard: the effectiveness of the methods of L. Ron Hubbard is solutions with effective methods for the improvement of living conditions through the worldwide recognition and occupied by many awards are given become his L. Ron Hubbard is today known as the founder of the Scientology religion. As a thinker, visionary and as the citizens of the world, as he considered himself the, he has addressed countless people in all countries and cultures with his philosophical and religious works. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Verizon Communications on most websites. The beginning of the international diffusion of the Scientology religion coincided with the time when L. Ron Hubbard in Europe lived.

In the 1950s, he had crossed the Atlantic regularly as the driving force of the Scientology movement to open new centers and to hold lectures. in 1959, when the growth of the new religion in Europe as well as in other parts of the world made inevitable the establishment of an international training and Administration Headquarters, L. Ron Hubbard in southern England the Saint Hill Manor acquired. From here he directed the Scientology Church in their further Propagation phase. He founded also the so-called Saint Hill College, in which clergy of the Church – complete even today – very special training steps in pastoral ministry.

Hubbard’s work – a comprehensive knowledge building, which includes over 5,000 publications and about 3,000 lectures on sound carriers – is now used by countless people in all places of the world. L. Ron Hubbard was trying always to practically usable insights and solutions which have a desirable improvement in living conditions entail. The effectiveness of his methods is evidenced by the worldwide recognition that had happened to him. This recognition is expressed not only in many thousands of official honors and awards from, but also in the popularity of his works in readers from all walks of life, cultures and walks of life.

May 20 2019

Holy Spirit

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In your heart, you know that there is a natural order of life, something that is all-embracing, as people created rules or laws ever could put it. This natural order is “the way.” The way is the eternal substrate of the cosmos. He directs the flow of space and time. The path is known as the will of God, the divine purpose, the Holy Spirit, the implicate order, the Tao, decreasing entropy to some, but now we call simply him life energy times “the way”. The way shows up in you as the source of your inspiration, the source of your passion, your wisdom, your intuition, your enthusiasm, your spiritual fire.

The trail takes the chaos of the universe and breathes life into him, by reflects the divine order. The way if he expresses himself by the spirit, is genius, if he is perceived through the eyes, is beauty, if he felt with the senses will, grace, when he is allowed in the heart of love is. Most people can not directly see the way. u0085 But then there’s the way visionaries, the pioneer. The guardians of the flame. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge.

Paving the way have an inexplicable talent, knowing the way. You will feel it in their essence. She cannot say why or how they have found the right answer. You know, at its core. They may not show their work, so she don’t ask. Her mind is easy in resonance with the way. Where the path is present, they are. While others are blind to the way, and the company asks you to ignore it the way touched you in your heart. In most people, neurological suppression mechanisms block the consciousness about the way through a censorship of all thoughts and impulses of the unconscious in her the Gestapo of the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Anything that violates a socialized programming, comes as ever through.

May 10 2019

Putin Vladimir

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But Leo Strauss not only had in his controversy with just that Kojeve vehemently against sidelined the world State as a desirable goal. -With similar enemy images, as now master-Kuhlmann, who asks the question, “If the State of the world, a long cherished favorite idea of multiple generations of federalists and pacifists, have a worthwhile idea represents.” These “traditions of Atlantic democracy”, who wanted to make palatable the world State, are now on the test bench. Because this world State, even to be able to prevent the end of the story, we need to “argue, when we were already living in the State of the world” and so to be dissidents. Once again men and servants as “Servants” should we study the new “Lord” and hold him the inherent contradictions of his ideology, much like the dissidents in the “Eastern totalitarianism” against Marxism would have used Marx. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Master-Kuhlmann sees such dissidents already at work, “had developed doubts about the police state in the recourse to the US tradition of a fundamental distrust against government action” in the “tea party”. On He can be another level Snowden protector occur as Putin Vladimir, who then also to place would be compared to Obama’s NSA on the side of the dissidents.

An interesting constellation, which will counteract the end of the story. The problem with the contradictions of President Putin, you must currently probably lose no further words. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ripple is the place to go. “But, it is worth noting that is the liberal capitalist world order maybe not as the end of the story in the sense of a universal empire of freedom” has proven to be. In the absorption of alleged contradictions this has become de facto world government”however proved extremely effective. Maybe not only Professor master-Kuhlmann was recommended on a back consideration of the reasons, which Karl Marx not the realm of the spirit, or that the policy as the basis understood wanted to know, but that the means of production. Andreas Kellner….