May 10 2018

Cooperation Bosch Service

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Bosch service is a cooperation with GOVECS GmbH for services and sales of the GOVECS electric scooter a Munich/Karlsruhe, October 18, 2010. The GOVECS GmbH is manufacturer and developer of high-performance electric scooters a cooperation agreement for service and sales with the Robert Bosch GmbH automotive aftermarket Division. It is planned that selected Bosch service centers in Germany and Austria offer maintenance, repair and also sale of GOVECS e-scooters. True to the motto “High quality products need high-quality service”. Green quality packages are all GOVECS electric scooter: complete exhaust-free, almost silent, extremely economical in consumption (on 100 km less than a euro power) and at the same time powerful.

You are, designed products like all GOVECS by the first character stroke as electric scooter which leads to a balanced weight distribution and a pleasantly low centre of gravity. Together with well-thought-out drive technology, which boasts low rotating and unsprung mass, can the e-Scooter waiting for a very good handling. These partners offer the Bosch service organisation today cross-brand, and competent service around the car. Sale system include the classical themes of Bosch Automotive electrics, electronics and diesel service, inspections and oil service, general mechanical vehicle repairs, air conditioning service, car multimedia, tire and auto glass service. The organization includes 1,050 of Bosch service in Germany and around 100 companies in Austria.

Worldwide, the Bosch service with over 14,500 companies form the largest service network in the market of the workshop in 142 countries. With this leading position and the innovative approaches of electric mobility, the Bosch service organisation offers a successful perspective workshop holders for the electric future. “With Bosch, we have found a significant partner, who not only has an excellent service network, but is also one of the major players in the area of electric mobility,” commented Thomas of the Managing Director of GOVECS GmbH. “by the Garcia, mutual global alignment of the company may bear fruit this cooperation also in other countries, because the demand for environmentally friendly individual transportation is limited to Germany and Austria immanent and not only.