Dec 13 2017

Door Keypad

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If your name is listed, and to the control of display the signal setting your room's on guard duty will tell you that the room for protection (in some security companies on duty calls his name, you can ask the name of duty console themselves). After confirmation of the duty statement of responsibility for the protection of your premises rests with the security company. If the recruitment code on the keypad is not arm indicator lights (ARMED) and the output indicator (Exit), and the keyboard does not issue short beeps timing output. This means: 1 – a mistyped code. More info: Gary Kelly. Do not rush to type the code again and again (3 times is quite enough for In order to verify that the code is not valid). If you type the correct code is not 5 or more times in a row keyboard may lock up for 15-20 minutes, and to the control of signal, a selection of code! 2 – disturbed area, the digital indicator on the keyboard display number of broken zone flashing or is lit constantly. The most common window is open, not closed the door, broken wire alarm system, either in the room were men. Postscript number of security zones, specific premises at your facility, check with the organization carried out the installation of security equipment. How do I determine the correct input your code? If after dialing keypad will emit three short beeps, which means that code is dialed, true, but one or more security zones at the time of dialing were or are in violation of (make sure that digital indicators on the keypad is not lit, if lit, close the windows and doors are assigned to the data zones).