Jul 23 2021

Original Owner

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For example, the buyer should be cautious if the chain of purchase and sale of the apartment has a transaction made to attorneys acting for the general power of attorney issued by a person who is at the time the owner apartment. In recent months, Solar Winds has been very successful. The former owner may subsequently declare that he actually ordered the attorney to make a barter agreement, and was introduced to them in confusion about the nature of the transaction. ed topic. Sale of flats is a deal perfect an attorney acting on the general power of attorney of a person who is at that time ownership nick apartment. The former owner may subsequently declare that he actually requested an attorney make a barter agreement, and was introduced to them in confusion about the nature of the transaction. Recommendations to the buyer when purchasing an apartment, the seller which is not the first owner, not only to examine the documents confirming the right of ownership of the premises, it is also desirable to track all the "history" of the alienation of the apartment or house.

Despite the fact that in cases where the seller is not the first owner, make it very difficult for the buyer before the contract of sale is desirable to request a copy of the original contract, transfer agreement (privatization). First and foremost want to advise inexperienced buyers take the help of professionals. Such assistance may have: a lawyer who will advise which documents you need to stock up on how to verify their authenticity, what better to collect information, and can, and do this independently; real estate company, which has specialists dealing with document review and the apartment itself. Real estate firms are extremely interested in the fact that the contract was entered into in compliance with all requirements the law – otherwise they will suffer losses, especially in the loss of customers. They provide the following services to the real estate market will help you buy an apartment, sell apartment, buy flats, buy a room, sell the room, pick up an exchange of apartments, organize resettlement apartments, will pick up a mortgage – to trust the professional agents a major real estate firms.

Jul 22 2021

Tax Code

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This should draw deferment of reclamation works on the relevant administrative dokumentom.Esli in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District of the Tyumen region, or the objects were put into operation until the period from October to April, then their introduction into operation without performing a complex remediation should be considered to be committed in violation of applicable ., depending on the compliance costs remediation to be accounted for in the next poryadke.1. If possible remediation lawfully transferred to the nearest climatic periods, when possible implementation of the relevant papers, while the object is introduced into the operation and will be credited in the Fixed assets before the end of remediation – the cost of reclamation as expenses reasonably arising in the process of production can be attributed to the Expenses activities (Section 5 pbu 10/99 ‘expenses of an organization’ * (4)).

In tax accounting in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 261 of the Tax Code for reimbursement of complex damage to natural resources, land users in the process of construction and operation objects are included in other expenses evenly over five years but not more than life. Upon completion of the contract with the contractor carried out the cost of this contract are included in other expenditure from 1 st of the month in which signed the final act of the executed works with the contractor under this contract (Clause 3, Article. 325 Tax Code) .2. If an object is put into operation without rehabilitation unlawfully – in the accounting no grounds recognized as an expense from ordinary activities for the remediation costs as expenses associated with the creation of a fixed asset, but incurred after putting the object in fixed assets..