Apr 11 2019

Perez Jimenez

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I can imagine a Romulus or a Jovito thinking that this country does not ever out of a military coup. But they remained in the fight, only by the democratic conviction. It was impossible to know when Perez Jimenez would be, except that they had a time machine and travel into the future. Now we connect points backwards and see how goes the democratic construction drawing. The dictator was in 1958 but that nobody could know it in 1948 There were convinced that leaders if they worked would remove it. But there were no guarantees. Then, in our democratic stage after 1959, we managed to build a country.

With errors, but built the sense of democracy, freedom of the press, that could change a bad votes with Government. And leadership, even as it was and as watched it and protested at that time, respected that. And that seed is hit in the fertile sense of the Venezuelan soil. The founders were able to Venezuelans to believe that democracy and its alternation was possible. That I could get a Government bad votes. But everything is a process. Contact information is here: Bernard Golden .

Venezuelan democracy was not yet cured the threats that Romulo and Jovito once thought. We had a democratic body without antibodies, a perfectible but still immature democracy. And wine Hugo Chavez. But Steve points are there. Let’s look back again and what we see? A modern country, a population from its strata poorer with a capacity to demand and fight for a better future. Democracy deeply stuck in the Venezuelan. Construction and drawing of points of more than 70 years of democratic struggles are there. The future cannot be Hugo Chavez or what it represents. Again, could the Venezuelans imagine other future that is not democratic? Venezuela nor anyone can connect the dots toward the future. As Steve Jobs said, we can only connect them to the past. And nobody can tell how and when those points are constructed so that they will be and whether they will yield any result. Only we make them with the firm and deep conviction that these points will be connected in the future. We will have to rely, as Steve said in his famous speech of Stanford, in life, in the instinct, in karma, whatever, because believing that points will be joined will give us the confidence that we have the roots out of this morass that we have gotten as people. I believe that the extraordinary points built into the Venezuelan democratic stage will give us a Special sketch for the future. We do not lose faith in that this will be the case and we will go with good of this nightmare.