Aug 23 2019


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Souvenirs. Please, it does not give to things material things to me, to please does not try me, with a small memento. A bonbon of the Kopenhagem, artesanato. It does not try to be inesquecvel, spending its money. Presenteando me with showy expensive gostosas things. It does not try to buy the good to want, of me or nobody.

It has things, that they are not passveis of monetary evaluation; That is, they are not evaluated, in gold, silver or in money. People such as Gary Kelly would likely agree. But they are valued, of another form, the form of the heart. If you to give acurada attention, go to discover for certain, That she has feelings that they are valid, and she has its value weighed, Measured and coloring, with inks that if spill on us. They are good feelings that if they change, in this subtle business, As sincere friendship, for an unknown passer-by. The enternecida souvenir of a kiss of a loved child, the spontaneous smile of a baby who was with its face. Or same one to look at likeable of a gentile senhorita. How much valley for all its life, I fondle it of its father or mother. We help making things, because we are thus same Francs, lovers, we like to serve and we feel in them well thus.

In making the good, we practise just, and we admire the beauty. The beauty of serving to the brother, as we would like that all were. We learn to value the teaching of Francisco. Of Assis. For we believe that to plant, it results in spoon hope. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ripple. It does not try me to lead for the consumerism, even so lives, At this crazy time, where the accomplishment if reaches in the ownership. In our fight, they enter, is logical, the corporeal properties of another form. In another dimension of wanting, possessing, to consume and to use. The necessary one to live it, only to be glad themselves and to divulge the amorosidade. We live in this way and it does not advance to live in shock with the reality. We search, however, to be different, valuing, thinking and weighing, With parsimony the material. With lavishness the sentimental one. Because thus we give sample of what really we value in the life. The good between brothers. The beauty. The faith in God. The happiness for accomplishment. That accomplishment as human being, that it learned to make the difference, In the relations, the behavior, the day the day, and the practical one of the love. Because the love cannot be coisificado, it cannot be evaluated, Nor demanded, nor given in exchange for responsibilities others. It has that to be conquered, with allegiance and respect, attention and I dialogue. poetry, much poetry music and attention, so that the other if feels loved. With desvelo, affection and attention, comprometimento and abundant sincerity. Of that yes it represents yes and it does not represent not, in any time. Finally, it does not leave to feel the pleasure in if donating, desinteressadamente. A deep mystery in the reach of the happiness through this way exists. The proportionate joy for the generous love, is abysmal, inexplicable. It is as if our soul if raised to the infinite space, and became vacant for clouds. as if the entire universe invaded in them and proper we became in them we join. With that he has in the land, in air, the sea. He is as if God was present. In us. AAAlbuquerque River, 15 set 2011.

Jul 10 2019

Small Giant

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SMALL GIANT Belo Horizonte, 18-01-1977 The land in its possante form, Is one of the lesser things That exist in the universe. In this in case that, the human brain Would fit inside of the head? There inside already it is With 90% of disaster, 9% of doubt, and 1% of wisdom, Therefore nor everything is used to advantage. The head is everything. Everything is thought. Everything is disaster, Everything is human. All it passes in the life, All passes for the man. Who to this enxerga Is not only solely the humanity, Who already is not formed and nor composed of men. All it passes for its sights, It reaches the tico nerve and alone the man not enxerga, What the animals Already oppose to look at it.