Apr 17 2019

Foundation Company

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Internet offers a variety of courses and workshops online geographical information technologies. These courses run follows, firstly the student chooses the course that you want to perform through the provision of training, selecting the course of interest will access the information necessary to register for the same. For courses in companies and organizations, a meeting in which the contents of the course are adapted to the requirements of students in order to more efficiently meet the needs of the same is performed first. All courses and workshops online that are offered in, developed under the educational platform of free Moodle software, so take the courses under this modality only will require that the student has a computer with Internet connection. In a question-answer forum Facebook was the first to reply. Courses and workshops that made by the company are practical and realistic and many of them are based on our own experience of the professional and executed projects projects.

All courses taken by count with a Service tutorials free and personalized, which can interact with the teacher in order to clarify and extend concepts. It can guide you and assist you remotely by the processes to be followed. In addition the company offers a comprehensive plan of scholarships, grants and discounts, which allows access to all persons interested in making some of the courses and in turn fosters the improvement of their education and their future careers. The company is a member and organizing body of the tripartite Foundation, which allows you to save up to 100% of the value of the course both the business and the workers who hire the course. The company also offers the possibility of accessing the project selection processes and benefit from the policy of corporate responsibility that the company keeps its employees and collaborators. Among the most outstanding courses: course next Course of gvSIG 1.9 (free software). Course of geomarketing. ArcGIS 9.3 course. Environmental spatial information course.