Oct 04 2019

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Through this study, different cultural dimensions have been identified like the uncertainty avoidance, distance of being able, collectivism, equality of sort, assertiveness and direction towards the yield, the people and the future) and attributes of leadership (charismatic/based on values, direction to the equipment, participating, human direction, independent and self-protecting), as well as the beliefs shared in the different cultures on the effective leaders (House, Hanges, Javidan, Dorman and Gupta, 2004; To hit, Brodbeck and House, 2007). Challenges of future in the management of people The manager of people of the 21st century cannot limit itself to give to advice standardized or of manual, but, from an opening of mind and a flexibility, an active listening, he must be able to facilitate processes, to equip with autonomy the people, based on his capacities and abrir new horizons all those that are lost the faith in their potential. I see that we ahead have a profession in continuous expansion, adapting us to the changes and technological advances we can accede to fields professionals like e-learning and coaching. Like revitalising in platforms of tele-training, professional tutors online, advisers and of race, etc Intention from here to all the companions of profession that they follow ahead with his true vocation of aid to the others. Divn of Freud can be thing of the past. Now we have others divanes to explore Summary of my more recent trajectory I in the last 4 years have dedicated myself to form to me and to explore in the professional field of the professional Direction: first, a Postgraduate in Direction for the use, abri a window to me towards the field of the professional qualifications. Later, with the aim of following to me qualifying in new technologies, I acceded to the itinerary of formation like Technician in e-learning. Without a doubt through the courses that I did from 2008 to 2010, I have been able to acquire competitions like tele-training tutor, field in continuous expansion at the moment.

And as far as social networks, I have gotten up myself to several where I have created a virtual work group with other educators and educators. This participation has allowed me to attend events where the Management of people and the one of RRHH of the companies that work e-learning they have given appointment in a same place. The educators/advisers that we are interested in these areas we have reunited to share innovating experiences in schools and centers of formation.