May 07 2013

World Business Council

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Today day sounds increasingly stronger concept of corporate social responsibility, however here we will talk about its meaning and some other important points. Different organizations have framed definitions on this issue, however the point in common should be the way in which companies manage business processes to produce a positive impact in society. Companies need to ensure two fundamental aspects: 1 – the quality of its management, both in terms of people and processes. 2. The nature and impact on society according to the different areas.

Companies are taking a growing interest in caring for your image to the community. Here comes into play everything to do with care for the environment, sources of employment, social security, contributions to the community obviously without neglecting the financial indicators of the Corporation. The World Business Council for sustainable development given an excellent definition on corporate social responsibility: Corporate Social responsibility is the commitment to continuous firms to behave ethically and contribute to economic development and to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, as well as community local and society in general therefore it is concluded something fundamental about the previous definition: social responsibility becomes an integral part of the process of creation of wealth, which if managed properly should improve the competitiveness of businesses and maximize the value of the creation of wealth for society. However as with any collective activity which involved human beings, far not applies similarly to all communities, which for some is well regarded for others not and here is where the priorities of each company tend to vary in terms of the application of the concept. In conclusion, regardless of the location of every Corporation to be small or large dimensions must ensure compliance with the legislation both in the social part as environment, thereby ensuring true coexistence between business and society.