Apr 24 2020

Supreme Court

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Does not contain such evidence, and appeal. Itself dissent's appeal to this court assessment of the circumstances, the evidence presented and made on the basis of their findings is not grounds to consider the court's decision wrong. Violations of substantive and procedural law, which led or could lead to an incorrect resolution of the case (including those for which referenced in the appeal) the court is not allowed. In this situation, the grounds for annulment of the decision of the court of first instance is not available. " This definition can be a tool for the preparation of a demagogue by law – the not a template for all the cassation ruling? There are no arguments or evidence. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sheryl Sandberg.

No and no! And what was that? Thus, the stupidity on three sheets of the appeal, but it is not clear that, in two volumes (500 pages) trial. Ironically, among the arguments in this appeal and figured Plenum of the Supreme Court, and the definition of a member of the Russian Supreme Court. This cassation ruling – more proof needed to attract Teachers to monitor the quality of judicial decisions. Need to answer these questions, not 'hit a swinging' judicial infallibility. The consequences of such jurisprudence – the appearance of lawlessness syndrome, reducing the number of people with an active lifestyle, creating favorable conditions for passive psychology of the population, the humility with daily disrespect and consolidation at the genetic level, reluctance to change, seeking justice. Each practitioner has a fairly similar decisions and rulings of courts – from the abject and powerless, to curious and funny. In spring 2009, the magistrate court plot number 2 of the Volga city of Saratov district court Dolgov, si decided by which the owner shares the dwelling is actually evicted onto the balcony, because It was there, but not in the living room, the judge's opinion, it is now, and can use of personal belongings (including the bed, standing upright). Daniel Lubetzky pursues this goal as well.

At the present time, the judge Dolgov, si appointed a federal judge. I would not want to give the impression that the war has been declared the justice system. C system to fight useless – it involved only the revolutionaries: red, orange, brown. Revolution are nothing but trouble to society. Necessary to provide an evolutionary development of society, because any system – it materialization of social needs – changing needs of society (including as justice) has to be changed and the system. Accelerate the change – the main task of the publication.

Oct 08 2019

Legal Audits And Businesses

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How many businesses can boast that before you open a business, conducted a thorough legal training your business? Carefully drafted their commercial agreements, all stocked up ahead of time mandatory internal documentation. Hardly. Starting a business – a search for resources and customers. But if large companies can afford to qualified legal service, get a strong full-time lawyer, and then and the whole team, the small and medium enterprises do without those. A sample contract can be downloaded from the Internet, and hr outsourcing in many companies are accountants or secretaries.

There is certain true: importantly – profits, excess staff – unjustified expenses. Indeed, why pay a lawyer salaries, equip him to the workplace if it is not working properly: all the cases, then – a few documents per month to check. If we are have trouble, you can always contact the law firm for advice. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to have someone from time to time looking after the legal side of the enterprise. In such cases there reason to order a subscription legal support for business in the law firm: if there was a question of a legal nature (for example, it is necessary to verify the proposed contractor agreement – threw it by fax or caused to his office of lawyer), the specialist came and helped. However, this option is not always one hundred percent good – often businessmen are turning to a lawyer only on those issues, which are themselves considered important.

And how many "little things" to miss! And is a relatively new legal service – legal audit, independent examination of company documents for compliance with the law of its business operations and minimize business risk. Favor of this legal services for business, too difficult to understand. Company enters into contracts, accept and dismiss employees, pays taxes. For a certain period of time accumulated a large number of documents. And prudent businessman, to be sure, not have done any error messages – not fined if any unannounced inspections of state organs, whether there will be trouble with the contractor due to inattention when signing the contract, not whether used in the correct form of economic and labor contracts. Here and should invite lawyers to check all the documentation (or any of its sector) "thoroughly" and found the error before they find

Jan 10 2017

Czech Republic

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In drawing conclusions from this material must tell that to leave their legal entity registered in the Czech Republic in limbo or just quit the firm is not allowed. Legislatures Czech Republic to accurately track the company not carrying on business activity and not paying taxes for a long period of time and therefore have the right to initiate and conduct of the judicial liquidation of dead companies. Additional information at Ron O’Hanley supports this article. Forced liquidation of the firm through the courts Czech Republic, and in particular the city of Prague will lead to most unfortunate results of an alien and one hit in the database violators of the law of the European Union. A recent example of tracking firms Dead in the absence of and lack of response from the founders of the legal entity is the introduction of "Datov . The system of imposing all firms registered in the Czech Republic e-mail addresses through which public authorities are going to communicate with the Czech Republic with the heads of companies sums banal question to those who responded and got access, so far, not a throne, who has not activated his box can be over a certain period to be liquidated through the courts. Raises the question of the material presented above, the Czech Republic is the issue of options liquidation of the company. Several of them. The first option liquidation of the company is its complete elimination of the removal company from the records of Justice of the Czech Republic. For this procedure consent and authorization is required to give each founder and acting director of the firm.