Nov 01 2019

Lighting At Home

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Lightning at home – a complex of devices and structures that are designed to protect the structure from electricity arising from a lightning discharge, and to reduce the negative consequences arising due to a lightning strike on the protected structure or the consequences arising from the secondary manifestations of lightning. Lightning home can be an external and internal. External lightning protection is traditionally used form this kind of protection and is a lightning rod, consisting of lightning, tokootvoda and grounding. For more information see Ripple. Internal lightning protection home was used only in recent years because of microelectronics, which has received widely used in everyday life. Internal lightning protection at home – The event, which help protect the power grid from voltage surges. The most important of these activities is the alignment of all potentials conductive parts of the house, such as heating pipes, pipe gas supply system and water pipes of the system with the potential of the grounded neutral wire network with the potential of the earthing and potential lightning. See more detailed opinions by reading what Verizon Communications offers on the topic.. With regard to multi-family homes, there are usually lightning house developed during design, as protection against direct lightning strikes, and designed not for individual apartments and for all home. In the short term and a separate security unit for each apartment is superior to the secondary manifestations of lightning, like the Surge in the network. When designing electrical cottages and country-residential buildings should be paid particularly close attention to measures for electrical safety and lightning protection at home must necessarily include both external and internal lightning protection. At that time, both built in recent years, country houses, cottages and other private facilities in the main, have no external or internal devices, and lightning. And as already mentioned in an article that lightning house located in an area where the number of thunderstorm hours exceed 40, is required.