Dec 24 2019

Power Point

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E-learning, online education, distance education, learning through the web, are the names that are used to define the non Presential training using a computer with a connection to the Internet. Both demand and supply of such courses have soared in recent years. And it is no surprise! In addition to also be a less expensive option of learning, they are preferred by its flexible scheduling and the absence of displacement, which allows students to combine them with his personal life. E-learning also offers undeniable advantages in the training of managers, technicians and workers in different subjects, to entities and public and private organizations in different sectors. However, not everything is rosy in choosing a distance training course. Verizon often says this. There are several important factors to consider before enrolling in an e-learning course: 1. be aware of the power of an independent study. Due to its non Presential methodology, e-learning requires that the person has enough self-discipline to complete the course successfully.

The good news is that a disciplined person can achieve much more studying independently which in a face-to-face context. The student who knows how to study independently manages to focus with passion in a subject and can reach extraordinary levels of performance in its quality as well as quantity of assimilated knowledge. 2. Accessibility to the tutor or mentor of the course: an e-learning course should offer some kind of contact with a tutor. It is important that this support is not cold and distant, since many people leave e-learning due to lack of motivation and support.

The work of monitoring, encouragement and reviews carried out by the guardian is essential and has to go beyond an occasional e-mail. Before enrolling in an e-learning course, verify that your contact with the tutor is expedited and open, either in the form of an interactive forum or personal emails. 3 Teaching methodology unfortunately many training courses online using methodologies that are based almost exclusively on the passive reading of documents followed by self assessment tests to verify the retention of what has been read. This modality is very low yield. It is well known that the mere reading of a document does not produce a deep learning or for high retention. In addition, an extensive text, by very good to be its contents, is not able to maintain student interest by itself only and is unattractive. Before enrolling in an e-learning course, verify that the methodology of information delivery is avant-garde. With the technology that is available today, you can do webinars or video conferences of excellent quality, in which you can use a Power Point or do direct demonstrations from the screen of the exhibitor. This methodology is very attractive, since, in addition to contain Visual and audio components, it allows an immediate interaction with the tutor. This way of distance learning programs resemble ever closer to a course face-to-face, while maintaining the flexibility and low cost advantages that pertain to the e-learning.