Sep 17 2019

Situation Humane ACT

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In densely populated metropolitan areas homeless animals have long been a rather serious problem for the inhabitants, who are increasingly under attack of feral dogs and for the authorities. The problem is that to keep animals, in fact, been thrown into the street careless people simply have no place. A pair of shelters for homeless cats and dogs already overcrowded, and willing to take a pet home – units. In fairness it must be emphasized that Some people really want the good of our younger brothers. They publish ads that pets are given for a gift in good hands, look for the hosts, kittens or puppies are taught to respect the rules of conduct apartment. However, the good beginnings quickly come to naught when it becomes clear that no one is burning desire to start a special dog, pet birds, a cat.

Immediately after this good before that animal owners are bused out of town and throw them to their fate. More puppies and kittens often die under the wheels of vehicles or as a result of injuries from amateur to shoot at live targets, just run wild, get in packs. How to cope with this problem and in general – is Does it have a solution? Experts believe that the homeless animals will be a headache for as long as care for them will not be enshrined in law. This will be possible immediately after the creation of a clear legal and executive base, but apparently, this goal was not close. Meanwhile, animal welfare (Chelyabinsk is one of the few rosciyskih cities, where he works zoozaschita) operating at a bare word of honor as well as financing, planted in the city budget for this purpose, not just small – it is miserable! Partially resolve the situation turns from private sponsors. Ads resonate in the hearts of small groups of people who are as much as rescue shelters, and various household supplies, money, food.

Naturally, this is not enough, even though such assistance has helped save the lives of hundreds of animals that have been given more or less tolerable conditions of existence. There is another side to this problem. Nurseries, in which there are homeless pets – this in spite of that, a temporary measure. Of course, the service has zoozaschity our younger brothers possible assistance, but even the best shelter would never be a perfect place for dogs or cats. They need caring hands, your own house, where the pet will feel like a family member and will ultimately rest. K much to the chagrin, it happens not always. Advertisements do not give the desired effect without massive social advertising and promoting the humane treatment of animals. So it turns out that the homeless animals became part of the Life just enthusiastic, caring people, but authorities only shrug their shoulders and increase the staff of the murderers – those who go out to shoot wild dogs and cats are in full compliance with the law.

Jun 12 2018

Ukrainian Gillyflowers

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Cat breed Ukrainian gillyflower – this is a very original cat: Nude, medium size with a flexible, muscular body, fold. If her pet, then you can feel excessive folds of skin – soft and hot. Ukrainian gillyflower has an average backbone. A distinctive feature of Ukrainian levkoy is a flat, long and angular in the contours of the head with a profile that can be called a step-and almond-shaped eyes, which narrow open. Cat breeds gillyflower very sociable, quick go on contact and is very tied to the man. To create the breed started in the beginning of this century – in 2000.

Breeders Biryukova Elena Vsevolodovna was matched appearance cat, determined breed, and selected genotypes. And after 4 years, namely 21 January 2004, was born the first kitten breeds Ukrainian left, who was named Levkoy Primero. It is this cat was registered in the tribal commission icfa rui. And already in 2008 in different feline organizations in Russia and Ukraine have been registered more than 200 cats Ukrainian gillyflower – some of which are the fourth generation.