Mar 05 2016


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QUIZ questions and answers for topics administrative (IV/X) Carlos Mora Vanegas enterprises to become more competitive to cope with the changes, challenges, have because of restructure the Organization, giving life to new administrative units with more specific functions and above all, delve into the importance of having a good management, with a more participative leadership, that integrates their workers to form effective work teamscohesive, motivated, able to perform successfully and promote the organization. That’s why that at present we cannot ignore what represents the empowerment. Objective of this question, which provides those interested in the advances of administrative science need to know to properly handle these knowledge. 4 Discuss the importance of empowerment for companies, its definition, background, scope and impact. Definition: Empowerment: Anglo-Saxon term that literally translates as empowerment is It refers to the transfer of authority and responsibility related to the true leaders work to his closest followers. Empower: Comes from teach other things they can do to rely on less than others. A strategic process that seeks a relationship of partners between the Organization and its people, is increase the trust responsibility, authority and commitment to better serve the client. Empowerment means empowerment or empowerment which is the fact of delegating power and authority to subordinates and give them the feeling that they are owners of their own work.

English empowerment and their derivatives used in various meanings and contexts, but in Spanish the word is competing with a number of expressions that approach without having achieved the fullness of the noun. To accredit empowerment with empowerment and to empower with boost, while they fall into disuse oldest expressions as empower and enable. That is a team with empowerment? They are working groups with employees responsible for a product, service that share leadership collaborate on the improvement of the process of the work plan and make decisions related to the method of work.