Dec 21 2015

Panda Security Networks

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Besides that I love, the topic of online safety always keeps me alert about new forms of cybercrime attack. I am addicted to all the information that can be consumed and through these articles attempt to draw attention to the new problem of online security that, at bottom, is an Achilles heel a challenge for web 2.0 social networking explosion opens a new pandora’s box of threats and vulnerability in the navigation. Contagion or infection of domestic and personal computers from traditional sources such as e-mail, memories or USB devices or word processors, will become a second plane and now the spread is imposed in real time. And the social networks are the perfect vehicle for cyber crime. A worm called Rainbow took advantage of the fragility of a Twitter application and produced malicious effects in 1,000 users infected every 10 seconds, could be the beginning of a new phase in the battle for safety sentences online, which I will call security in real time.

According to the computer security company Panda, just move the mouse over the URL bait, produced a redirection to other websites to destroy if same and cause strange actions, such as: sending malicious strings to followers, appearance of strange messages with giant letters and visitors to affected profile problems. To avoid major problems, Panda Security advised Twitter users not running java, such as TweekDeck, and avoid using the Web until the vulnerability is resolved. The above is a specific case, at a specific time on a specific network, but the deep problem is that all social networks interact in real time with or without the user; and the cyber crime knows this and has begun to use. First they started with Facebook, the largest of the networks and the attack continues on Twitter, Linkedin, etc. The question is: do they are social networks prepared to offer security in time? real? Moreover, I dare to infer, though it may seem crazy, that that depends on the future of social networks.