Feb 12 2017

Rodent Control Active

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To achieve an effective rodent control two processes must be carried out. Firstly, the management of habitats, where the deficiencies are corrected and that is known as passive rat, then continue with population control, also referred to as active rat. To improve habitat and eliminate bad practices, must make that waste and waste management is carried out in a correct manner. Garbage and rodents have an inversely proportional relationship: more hygienic conditions, fewer rats and mice. Inevitably, the smaller is the population control, simpler is the task. Bears checking systematically from a few years ago that the areas that have the correct systems to store and manage waste have one smaller number of rats.

On the other hand the poor facilities suffer worst pests. As regards direct control, it is important to note that there are measures more drastic than others, and some are more natural, while others are less. There are many who prefer the use of nocturnal raptors to keep the population of rodents at Bay, as they carry out an excellent rat control task following the natural course of a life. Often, to bring about the settlement, and reproduction of these birds, artificial nests, are placed with what it costs per square meter, see who says that not one home free if it is true that this method is good, and cheap, there are many other alternatives available in the market. The best-known are ultrasounds, traps, predators and the use of toxic products. In the case of ultrasound, in most of the cases are devices that emit ultrasonic signals, but in other cases is signs of random frequency (or ultrasonic not) that calms solids such as walls. Used mostly in interiors, but its use is in decline because it has been demonstrated that long-term they are ineffective because the animals are made to the noise.

Methods mechanical and electric traps such as they have shown a high efficiency, but only in closed rooms, homes and offices, since the use is open spaces is not viable, and it could be dangerous. One of the biggest problems that present the traps is the removal of dead mice, not suitable for people who are impressed with ease. Biological methods, as well as the introduction of nocturnal raptors, acting through the use of other animals to control pests. Both predators and parasites can be used. Although they are typically used as an auxiliary measure, must be very careful that what originally was often a solution, ends up being one major problem. Finally there are the toxic methods or rodenticides, which broadly divided into two types, acute and anticoagulant poisons. Acute poison is now rejected by its high danger, there was no available antidote, and because by its rapid action alert to other rodents, who reject the food with poison.