Apr 12 2018


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The planet Earth is composed by a myriad of environments and different places in which occurs the development of life, not only of man, but of many other beings that compose the nature. Thus appears a part of land that may not have much the presence of man, but there are large numbers of beings and such part of the Earth is the ocean, which covers 71% of the surface of the planet and so a part of the extensive land deserves a science devoted to its study and such science is the Oceanographywhich seeks to study thoroughly the different characteristics that occur in the ocean and many of the actors that integrate it. In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply. Looking to understand more about the field of study of Oceanography, it can be said that this science, is part of the Earth Sciences, i.e. the different aspects that make up the planet. So the Oceanography studies the various processes that occur in the ocean, whether biological, physical, geological or chemical in nature. Oceanography so to dedicate himself to the study of the ocean, has a very broad scope of action, which means they may occur in his Studio a myriad of aspects of great interest, therefore to give scope to the large number of items to study, the Oceanography is divided into 4 main branches with which the development is given to full of different points of study the Oceanography etc. The first branch of Oceanography will be exhibited, is that of biological oceanography, which deals with the different organisms that can be found in the oceans and similarly in a marine environment and the different variations you can have depending on the place of the vast ocean that you consider, and so appear study in open sea biological processesnear coasts, on the surface of the seafloor as well on the same sea bottom. Other branches of study of Oceanography is the physical part, i.e.

the processes occurring in the ocean related to physics, such as mixtures of ocean waters, which would be a dissemination Molecular turbulence so that the properties of water marina, so with this it follows ocean currents, tides and waves and for this themes should be treated as a distribution of masses of water from the oceans, different movements, the relationship that have the atmosphere with the hydrosphere. Another part of the study of oceans, is the Geological Oceanography, which deals with the different processes of the Earth affect the ocean, such as coastal bodies and transport and deposit of sediments. Finally appears the Chemical Oceanography, which is about the chemical composition of the water of the ocean, in such a way is about what is normal chemical condition of the water and how it is when there is contamination by humans.