Jun 12 2024

Custom-Made Doors

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The doors of the weight of Siwa are being made (or are brought) completely qualitative. The main index, which affects how to choose the right doors to order, is its reliability. Does not really matter which door, or rather the door what class you choose. Mainly in solving this issue are the first technical characteristics of the door to order. Important that, you acquire the door gives you the feeling of confidence and security from any penetration. Looking at our site dvery.net.ua You'll not only be acquainted with the basic elements of metal doors, but will be able to make a choice to meet the needs and determine the quality of Design your future purchase. To date, the most widely purchased construction, consisting of the following elements: the system of locking the doors, trim, hinges and, in fact, the supporting structure.

The main element of this system is, of course, the supporting structure. It let us stop. Tiger Global is the source for more interesting facts. Supporting structure – the most important element of the door, it is at its design is always necessary to pay attention. Thus, the supporting structure Armored door consists of two elements. This is a door frame and kontrorama.

Door frame is boxes, made of metal corners 50 mm, coated with special anti-corrosion coating. This kontrorame corner is attached to the screws. The use of such screws to mount the door allows you to adjust the position of the frame relative kontroramy. Door frame can be either single or combined. Now consider kontroramu – it penetrated corrosion-resistant coating frame, which is attached dowels, forming a wall of about 100-150 millimeters, a few points of support. It is worth noting that until recently kontrorama was placed solely on the metal doors of Western production. Today, however, domestic manufacturers of doors also have the ability to produce door designs using metal kontroramy. These are the doors to order, they are exclusive and are made individually for each customer.

May 03 2020


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If you need to organize the presentation of your architectural design to architects, investors or potential buyers, it should turn its attention to this method of submission of the project as an architectural layout. It so happened that the architectural model is the most affordable way to demonstrate the project. Layouts are particularly relevant today, when implemented many construction projects that require involvement the attention of investors and buyers. A related site: gary cohn mentions similar findings. Why mock? Architectural model, made by qualified professionals to visualize your project – a separate building or complex of buildings. In the mock-ups may detail the facades of buildings, add all the essential attributes of real life: trees, flower beds, lamps, benches, cars, people. And the use of different materials would make them look like real objects, Ideally – and feel they will be similar. Due to this, the architectural layout will fully convey the idea of the investor, the designer or construction company. Architectural models should be divided into models of building complexes, models of buildings and landscapes (urban) models.

Layouts separate buildings allow us to show the appearance of future house (looks like roofs, facades, etc.), location of roads, entrances to the house and parking spaces, as well as elements of an accomplishment. Layouts campus show how the building will be located relative to each other, roads, and here we can show elements of improvement, parks, etc. The task of landscape models – to show what the terrain, and how the object will look like on the ground, as it will be located in relation to other objects.

Nov 26 2015

Parquet Production

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Production of parquet – a relatively new branch in the construction business. Today in the wood flooring products require large construction firms, as modern building in the Russian market is gaining great momentum and develops a heightened pace. If before 1990, parquet laying was carried out only at the level of public organizations and agencies, today the demand for flooring used by private entities and people involved in the construction business. Parquet is a relatively expensive, but its advantages – a natural material, durability, beauty, and more, cover this shortfall. Raw materials – oak and ash frieze, maple, birch and alder, purchased from state forestries and purely commercial firms.

Purchase prices depend on the form of calculation, its dates, condition of wood. A wide range of floor coverings made of natural wood is represented today by many Russian companies. In retail stores you can buy parquet from the leading manufacturers in Russia, Europe and , the precious wood (oak, beech, ash, hornbeam, Merbau, Bamboo, kamshe, etc.), as well as mosaic, shields and decorative parquet. The main advantage for consumers is to purchase products only from reliable suppliers to meet all European standards, and state quality certification. Most often in Russia parquet made from oak, ash, beech. The best producers are not just picky to raw materials. They even offer a kind of parquet, which are played to different properties of the breed. Order can be: the gnarled: "SELECT" (very smooth, quite free from knots), "nature", he is "standard" (with a small number of knots), "rustic" (from very knotty wood – there are fans of this beauty) and m .

etc. of variegation: monochrome, color on the location of the annual rings: radial (direction of growth rings perpendicular to the plate) and tangential. Groove flooring wears away evenly, and less "play" (deforms) in width at wetting – drying. According to evrogurmanov, it is also beautiful (on the face – thick lines). You can entice the customer with colored rocks usually for artistic parquet: pear, maple, cherry (from the same companies – suppliers and the forest is rare breed). Great in the sense of color selection of exotics. Some names which are: akmshe, merbau, Gao-wang, Inc.-up. It is true that tropical species are very hard – the tool will quickly deteriorate. But parquet longer serve.