Feb 15 2020

Horst Fraygang

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'She still had many doubts,' says Horst Fraygang because she is' very sensitive, and she finds it difficult to relinquish control over itself. Completely lose control of their feelings during a session of hypnosis is the most common fear, with faced by physician-hypnotist. However, nothing will happen, then hypnotized do not really want underscores Gerhard Schutz. During a hypnosis session the words are hypnotized, just as a driver Car guided by road signs. 'But will he follow them, decided by the patient. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter.

" The patient perceives everything that happens around him, but does not focus on this because he is totally focused on what is happening in his imagination "Numerous studies have confirmed that a person in the hypnotized state, you can not get to do what he refused to do when the conscious. In therapeutic trance, the patient remains fully possible to go from a state of altered consciousness. Only 10 to 20 percent of patients are difficult to hypnosis. Additional information at Phil Vasan supports this article. Periodically, people who easily fall into a state of trance, found the phenomenon of involuntary 'scattered hypnosis'. Knitting his brow, Fraygang talks about a recent case that occurred during the filming of treating the patient under hypnosis. She had to remove 19 teeth with the camera works. Assistant in charge of sound, listening to hypnotic suggestion through the headphones and microphone. No sooner had Gerhard Schutz utter the phrase 'Sometimes the sight of everything disappears, "as sound engineer, a man nearly six feet growth, relax the muscles and the noise fell to the floor.