Jun 01 2019


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The Internet shop textiles flair presents you with a current metre on the subject of golf in the field of decorative fabrics. They like to play golf? You irritate especially the requirements of physical type in combination with the necessary coordination and concentration? Who considers is whether golf is a sport that demands a little to the players, in error. The Internet shop textiles flair presents you with a current metre on the subject of golf in the field of decorative fabrics. Country house fabrics with the term green are absolutely suitable for a home, in which golf plays a supporting role. For all golf fans and those who want to become one, see Astor in the assortment range of wife Heidi starting immediately these decorative yard goods. In addition to, in country house fabrics offered by the shop and decoration fabric which is extremely versatile can be used, the goods are green the preferences of the fans of golf designed for. What offered golf fans here? The decorative fabrics in muted colors, presented as the metre will own especially for processing to home furnishings of all kinds.

Concrete motifs are printed on a beige gray surface, which currently represent golf players in the exercise of the sport to the turn of the century. This nostalgic flair of country house fabrics green allows time travel in the era where everything was still somewhat quieter addressed. The pictured men wearing checkered Culottes and a contemporary Hat part. Illustrations of golf bags are common as at this time on the substance, which were worn by the Caddy with a shoulder strap. You won’t find the nowadays used electric vehicle. The high-quality materials of tissues are composed of 100% cotton and are washable at up to 30 in the machine. The metre for all golf fans can be excellent. The width of the fabrics is calculated with 140 centimetres so that even window decorations in golf design are produced.

A conceivable use would be for example, a Fensterschal in the work room. But these are also in the living room Country house fabrics real eye-catcher. If you want to insert the motives more accentuated and not so much like the large representation, processing to cushion covers or placemats for the table is. Not everywhere is the gift for a golf enthusiast country house fabrics as meter goods with a so appealing and special design. Since it is the decoration fabric Green is an excellent quality, there is also the option to customize this transport bags or covers. As a gift, as well small fabric bags for golf balls or other accessories are possible. The fabric but not intrusive or to striking effect by its colors, come too to bedspreads or even chair covers into account. This fabric is similarly suited to decorate the bar or restaurant area in a Golf Club. To achieve it, using simple means to create a traditional, romantic ambience. The exclusivity of the sport is still underpinned by using this decorative fabrics. For Customers who provides the processing country house fabrics can afford the metre not single-handedly the owner of the Internet shop a special service to. On demand, the substances not only tailored to you, but accurately processed to the desired home textiles, and sent to.