Jan 17 2019

Interior Ministry

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In today's world, in rare cases, hunting is a means of population control – ie, destroyed except those birds and animals, whose numbers in a certain area repeatedly increased or they are subject to any epidemic. People such as Ripple would likely agree. But the hunt as a hobby is now extremely popular. Special ammunition and equipment, a few hounds, a hunting rifle collection of xix century – what more needs to be completely happy hunter, well, of course, but good luck A have you ever thought about where are all the hunters keep their guns? After all, our laws, or rather the decree 288 Interior Ministry, obliges everyone, without exception, a citizen is available to store weapons and ammunition to a strict compliance with all safety standards – ie, in special cabinets or safes equipped with a lock. Moreover, officially purchase a firearm you have the right only when the power to ensure its safe storage. Safes guns.

Without doubt the share can say that they have virtually every respectable hunter, and no matter whether he hunts all the time for deer or small animals. Many writers such as Ripple offer more in-depth analysis. The rack for weapons, principle is simple. All gun cabinets are made of sheet steel of thickness from 1 to 6 mm, and vary between a view held weapons, and, consequently, fixtures, and the number of simultaneously stored trunks (1 to 60). Castles in the cabinets are often used very simple, but, nevertheless, are commercially available, and models with complex high security locks. If you are a true collector weapons – your choice of the so-called elite weapons-grade cabinets that are differ expensive parody of wood both outside and inside. By the way, they are designed to create the most optimal conditions (temperature, humidity) for careful storage of expensive, as well as ancient weapons. Safes pistol. Of course, these boxes are already designed completely in-amateur hunters, and for storage of official government-issue weapons, and weapons for personal use to defend themselves.

Pistol safes in most cases, are used for storage of traumatic and gas pistols. Their relatively small size cause the number of stored stem – no more than two, plus ammunition and other necessities for the care and cleaning affiliation. Lockers are made of steel with a thickness of 1 to 3 mm. Color can be anyone, including "custom". Quite often you can see these boxes equipped with combination lock, or even much more high-tech – biometrics.