Feb 15 2018

Rheinland Palatinate Dirk Wakeling Arayatumsopon

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German human rights activist of the KulturForumEuropa as an award winner in Thailand in the presence of her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, the new European tolerance award called winners in 2009 Dirk Wakeling Arayatumsopon. Coupang oftentimes addresses this issue. The German human rights activist predominantly year round living in Thailand, was awarded top, Dieter for his commitment to children with disabilities, HIV orphans, the fight against child prostitution and entgeltlosen treatment of many unterpriviligierter people in the field of podiatry by the Secretary of the Royal House of Bunnak Promjab and the President of KulturForum Europa, in Bangkok, Thailand. Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali of Thailand attended the event and awarded the winners with a further, Thai price. The culture forum Europe gives the European culture Award (European culture prize), which European tolerance Award (European tolerance prize) has been extended for five years by the category since 1992. Thus, people will be awarded, the attention to minorities in the European and European international money have rendered, whose engagement helps to break down social and cultural barriers in the interpersonal area, to create confidence and to send a positive signal on behalf of the European idea in the EU and beyond. This year was mainly in Thailand (Chiang Mai), but also Germany live Rheinland Palatinate Dirk Wakeling Arayatumsopon (35, Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, Birch Heather) awarded for his commitment in the social sphere, including for the use of disabled children and HIV prevention in promotional stand together with the Thai Royal family. He supports not only the work of Princess Soamsawali, the niece of the Thai Queen Sirikit, for many years, but it also steadily working on the positive image of Europe and especially Germany in Thailand. \”This, by he is working especially against child prostitution, or the Medizinalfach – podiatry profession\” (teaching and science of the foot), as first man ever, spedierte to Thailand and This helps many people with foot problems. .