May 26 2019


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Fire red prawn, Neocaridina heteropoda var.. Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom means Sakura) shrimp delighted red cherry alone by their beautiful and strong colour of popularity. She is also the red shrimp called fire. This shrimp has a life expectancy of about 2 years. Also, you should keep this dwarf shrimp form in an Aquarium of at least 12 litres. How is also all their related shrimp, red cherry shrimp extremely frugal. The conditions are not too demanding. Sure the water has the greatest significance with temperature 15-28 C, pH 6-8.

On the ground are fine sand or gravel, the planting should be abundant as no plants with large leaves, but rather-growing plants. The food is frugal as with other species of shrimp. Algae products or even fish feed with vegetable content but also fresh stuff like have scalded leaves of spinach or mashed peas and chard are also like the shrimp accepted. The propagation is a small group of red cherry shrimp even take over. The females can bring up to 30 young on the world after about three weeks of pregnancy. On our Web page, anyone can meet with like-minded friends of shrimp and ask questions in the Forum, or answer. An exchange of experience can be certainly useful. Press contact: Wiehe Thomas Harsch Eccles route 48 45149 Essen phone: 0201 6302220 E-Mail: Internet: