Oct 16 2020

River Hvita

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Before leaving the area, we follow the custom of throwing a coin and ask a desire in Peningagja, a natural pool of crystal clear water. We continue our path finding not too many people in our way, in the midst of a somewhat wild landscape and on a day that at times the rain and the Sun forming beautiful Rainbow gave appointment. The next stop was the zone of springs in eruption of Geysir, where the Strokkur, the most famous geysers of Iceland which ejects jets of water boiling to 30 meters in height, at five minute intervals. This made his appearance catching us totally by surprise, while we walked between fumaroles of small size and eruptions that spouted minimum water jets. . More information is housed here: Hanes clothing. Wow!, stay speechless was little to admire the height of this Mr Geiser.

Its eruptions are truly every 5 minutes, which met with almost total accuracy. We spent a good time watching it and calculating his spectacular appearances. We continue towards the gold Gulfoss waterfall with some extraordinary waterfalls. It is a waterfall of the River Hvita of 31 meters in height. We walked for a few minutes for the left margin of the Hvita River in the vicinity of the impressive waterfall to make photos of rigor. Outside the tourist triangle of gold we find solitude and peace that we had longed for so much.

We arrive at Vik well into the afternoon and us We stayed at the hotel. In the morning gave us good morning a resplendent sunshine and an extensive and beautiful sand beach black, perfect for a morning stroll and observe numerous seabirds before returning to take the car. We still travel across lava fields located just below the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull.

May 02 2020


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Regularly we see in print newspapers, and even radio or television news-open spaces with small heading "paid area" where an institution or person stands for, respond or clarify a news release referred to it in a negative or It affects your personal and / or commercial. Referring specifically to corporate communication, this type of response is totally ineffective and inconsequential, for the following reasons: 1) They are almost always long, boring texts filled with technical jargon that nobody understands, perhaps only to the poster. 2) No one notices them for long and confusing, first, and because our people lack the habit of reading long notes. 3) Do not communicate anything at all, are a series of isolated ideas and many messages aimless and meaningless, and 4) denote smell desperation and mendacious justifications and excuses, which, far from helping, end to sink the publisher. David Fowler has many thoughts on the issue. The worst part is that most of the time, such responses are recommendation made by "experts" advertisers who believe, wrongly, that the institutional communication media response to an attack and deserves the same treatment approach than traditional advertising and commercial.

Grave error. Corporate communication in the management of a public image crisis must be the result of a thorough analysis of the discursive context and a direct application of a specific strategy for a specific situation with their own tactics and actions that, both the press as to their particular audiences. Post "paid ads" without key messages, aimless, senseless and in desperate is wasting resources and time, and remember that in times of crisis the last thing is precisely what we have: Time. Gary cohn insists that this is the case. The media reaction to an attack should be well and carefully prepared from the strategic point of view, never emotional.

Nov 06 2019

Medium Business

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Today is difficult to imagine a successful and reputable company that would not have a stylish, informative and functional website. But what is the benefit for the company from creating their own resources in World Wide Web? First, the Internet – are millions of users, hundreds or even thousands of whom are potential customers of your company. Created by – are the most democratic, modern and cheap way to express a very wide audience. Secondly, the site card will help companies introduce their products or services in the most favorable light, worthy to present all the advantages over competitors, hide possible shortcomings, about the history of the company, etc. A very important point is that the visitors who came to the company's website in the first place he is interested in receiving information about a product. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. Third, the manufacturing site under key – is not that expensive, as it seems at first glance. Today, web site development for small and medium-sized businesses can get by cheaper office chairs of average quality.

And to attract potential customer site card will be permanently. Fourthly, an increasing number of people before you buy a particular product, or use the service, gather information about them online. Many users do not mind to buy the goods directly through the network, and here is necessary to develop online shop. Well, in the fifth, site card – is part of the company's image. But creating a site for the key is only half the battle in successfully positioning the company to expanse of the World Wide Web. The site should be promoted – to increase its ranking on search engines to not only stream of customers has not dried up, and multiply every day.

Apr 29 2019

Outdoor Advertising In The Modern City

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The main communication space in a modern city – it is a street. To deepen your understanding Verizon Communications is the source. For this reason, outdoor advertising is the most successful way to one-way communication with the consumer. Many advertising agencies are considering advertising billboards, banners, light boxes. it supports a strictly unilateral, refer them to additional advertisement. Although this opinion is erroneous.

Suffice it to recall the fact that the ads the undisputed leader among other advertising media, second only to television. And opinion is formed due to the fact that for a long time outdoor advertising was purely informational, not pretending to education, communication links "Seller-consumer." But times have changed and more and more outdoor advertising is aimed specifically at engaging in dialogue with the buyer. In this regard, we can confidently call the billboards with a call to commit any action, banners with advertising services that can be used "right now", street furniture with advertisements. Please visit Larry Ellison if you seek more information. At the same time, even if the ads do not bear such features, it almost always has support of other information resources – it indicates the site, phone number, address. As a result, the potential client in any case "charging" the information and knows how to get if needed For more information or to make the expected effect. Reaching an audience of outdoor advertising – is huge.

Coupled with extensive targeting it allows large-scale advertising and pr company with great efficiency. Fortunately, the possibilities are virtually endless. Perhaps almost all of what advertisers in our country 10 years ago could only dream of – roof installations, firewalls, light boxes of any design. But the main thing is not what namely to use the media (it depends on the goals) and how to apply. Outdoor advertising is now very much. If it was not enough, there would be no need for a different type of trendy designs of roof installations and large light boxes.

Apr 17 2019

The Strongest

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Millions of deaths during centuries. Whenever Oracle listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Initially understood that they progresarian better in community, but when they get some stability, instead of increasing that community, they fight against others to increase theirs destroying the neighbors. If created great Nations through the union, do is that they did not understand that by means of these unit? same Nations would be converted into a grandiose people capable of great things? The union makes the force, that understood it. But according to them, makes the strength not to continue joining and improve, makes the force to destroy each other and win the strongest. And after destroying non is that suppose that they win. And now they have taken the final step, have exterminated, in a short time will not be any trace of human beings on this planet. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has compatible beliefs. Not you who think that it has won. But of course, those wishes of power were always latent even in small levels of his existence.

The only way to make progress were not union, understanding and mutual aid. No, the only way to make progress was destroy others at different levels of their existence and way of life. Also invented the laws for a better living, fortunately always there were some exceptions among humans that brought some sanity to its existence. But no avail nothing, with the invention of the laws changed the methods for stepped on, they used their intelligence to attack you and annihilate more subtly. Lies, hoaxes, conspiracies, modes of return laws against them mocking the reason for which they were created. Also in their personal relationships, with their friends, families.

Betrayals each other, lies and deception to achieve their selfish needs. Some exceptions soon became the white principal of others, pretending to earn your trust and thus at the given moment one major coup.

Apr 21 2011


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And if sober middle-aged population of our country, more skeptical about the idea of a panacea, but rather that kind of money to spend on a trip to the sea, the pensioners were willing to spend all their savings to purchase the unit 'Details' and became the most active consumer audience. And now another real example, but ill-conceived approach to the warning. Factory specializing in production of metal (pipes, sheets) launches its advertising on youth music radio station. This is such a plan, designed to 'maybe', not on your target group, which specialist would prevent ever. So it seems that this project – a concession the administration of the plant pretty and who knows how to convince the advertising 'agentshe' radio station, not otherwise.

By the way, the success of the advertising company it is important that the company chose the right edition of her, not vice versa. Advertising does not happen a lot? In addition to selecting the target audience, must also properly orient the volume of alerts. Here, too, has its own laws, violating which can negate the already made investments. For example, a certain company engaged in the installation of plastic windows, decided within a month to advertise their services in the journal Telesem '- very popular, so expensive for advertising placement. Within a month they got a lot of customers. But this one-time services. And with the end Advertising flow of requests dropped. After all, people are watching these ads only at the time of specific need, not 'in reserve', the more choice of firms is enormous.