Mar 18 2018

Swiss Firm Logistep

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Of Logistep data investigations lead over connection owner Steinhausen / Karlsruhe, June 30, 2010. Subscribers can be taken to refrain from consuming, if its not sufficiently backed up WLANAnschluss is used by unauthorised third parties for copyright infringement on the Internet. The Bundesgerichtshof in a just-released verdict decided this (judgment of 12 May 2010 I ZR 121/08 summer of our lives) and the local defendants and others sentenced to the omission. To deepen your understanding Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is the source. Private subscribers have to check whether their WLANAnschluss through adequate safeguards against the danger is protected to be misused by unauthorized third parties. The Court decision made possible the work of Logistep AG has The Swiss data investigators have with their software file sharing monitor”to determine the IPAdresse under the questionable song of the rights owner to download was kept ready. In the trailing Prosecutor investigation, the defendant was then identified as connection owner. The The Bundesgerichtshof believed in his revision legal scrutiny for impeccable quality of data collection: the defendant has while denying that the applicant correctly concluded in his IPAdresse and claimed a discovery error should be undermined in determining the IPAdresse of the real offender. According to the findings of the District Court adopted by the Court of appeal in reference the Logistep AG but sent the questionable IPAdresse with the help of reliable and thoroughly monitored software developed by you to the Court of appeal () could refer as far as no error of law on the findings of the District Court.

“Thomas Zeeck, spokesman for the Swiss Logistep AG: we are pleased that Logistep data discovery has found the blessing of the Federal Court in this process.” No other company can say such of itself. We see you in our very careful approach to the investigation and documentation of violations, as well as the evidence safe detection of IPAdressen confirmed. The judgment of the Federal Court is our incentive to continue to pay attention to the quality and high standards of our work.

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