Apr 13 2018

Studio Classes

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With the incorporation of technologies of information and communication education media and higher, students and professors have more communication that produced in a classroom. Tools offered by ICTs, as: Chat, email, forums, audio, videos, have allowed the teacher to offer material to reinforce classroom lessons.Now, the faculty member has no preparation in the technological area, not be able to offer this benefit to the student, and will be when who find resources in other media, such as for example the Internet. Currently, there are many online courses, virtual classes, which are offered to surfers; in the area of mathematics, for example there are many web pages whose services are: offer solved exercises, explanation of theories, performing tasks, among others.These service are presented in various forms such as text, presentation or videos, this last format is widespread, since it allows visualization and hearing as if you were in the classroom, which helps to a better understanding of the content.When performing a virtual classroom, the teacher explains in the same way that you would in a classroom, with the difference that there is no display of the student, their behavior and their attitude, responsibility for learning what throws in the student; However there are platforms that allow virtual classes in real-time with web camera for participants, with a microphone to participate or write their doubts with the Chat.Las virtual classes can be of two types asynchronous or synchronous, the student can choose depending on your time available and according to the level of doubt or need to perform directly to the teacher at the actual moment. The truth is that every day is more common the search for videos, online courses, or virtual classes, by traditional face-to-face education students and therefore by those studying at a distance. The possibility that you can bring with you a video explaining you about concepts or procedures in your portable device of choice, the student allows you to leverage the time of transfer to their home Studio.On the Internet you can find very good free information, like the information pay with credit card or with micropayments, is a student decides which one choose, much will depend on your level of understanding of the quality of the material, content to consult, like hiring a private tutor, is paid for its services or advice.Virtual classes allow students to go one step forward in his studies, he develops research and the independence and responsibility of its knowledge, it prepares you for any challenge.

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